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You Didn't Have To Hurt Me


I only wanted what was best for you
I only wanted to be there with the love you need
I was the one who always loved you true
So why do you have to lie
Why did i have to cry
Why did you say those things if you did not mean anything
Why did you have to go and
turn my world so cold
And take away that heaven
that I use to hold


You didn't have to hurt me
hurt me
you didn't have to make me
make me cry
you didn't have to break my
break my
Heart in a thousand pieces
why oh why
why oh why

I was the one who always
sotod by you
I was the one who always
gave so unselfishly
There was not one thing that
I would not do
So how could you be so cruel
How could you take my trust
and turn that trust right
into dust
How could you say you care
Then leave me standing
there so cold and all alone
You know it's just not fair


Oh why did you treat me
so bad
when i gave you all i had in
my heart
oh why did you take my love
and throw my love away
gave my world
gave my soul
gave you everything
you didn't have to hurt me
you didn't have to hurt me
why oh why oh why

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