Scattered Mind


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Don't you think twice cause you're wasting your time and you may not roll your dices again
Take all the chances don't wait for romances they're standing in front of you today

Dreaming your dream of gold
Frightened of growing old
There still so much you have to bring

Life is a bitch and it can be a witch if you try to hide when trouble is coming your way
Don't turn your back on the face of the past your pieces are there to remind you everyday

Living on borrowed time
Feelin so terrified
There are people waiting on you

It's just a scattered mind finding its way
It's just another life fading away
It's just a scattered mind making its claim
It's just another rhyme for love and hate

Life's getting shorter as you're living and playing your mind games
Trapped in your own thoughts fear is making you crawl
Trying to heal all the wounds you can't see they were self made
Smashing you own back against a brick wall

Composição: Luiz F. Machado / Silvio Mazzei · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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