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Death Of The Sun


I lay beside you as the rain pours down
I see the colors of the sky
Every song is a miracle
And every fear is a world

Day after day living under the gun
It's time to hear the warrior's song
Baptized by fire and ready to kill
All comes to nothing and nothing is real

We're just the ones who won't survive
From darkness and pain you cannot hide

Each step you take is a part of your sin
Follow the rules and someday you can win
Danger, danger down on the track
Head for the future before it turns black

That's when we break the seventh seal
Unleash the fury that you feel
It's time to wake up your brother
Cause it's the end of the world
Find your tomorrow!

We're living and watching the death of the sun
Stars are all falling behind us
Witnessing in silence the death of the sun
Fire in the sky, last breath on earth
We're fading away…………….

Day after day living under the gun
Waters and skies the moon and the sun
Last generation, the chosen few
Hope for the world lying in god's will

Composição: Luiz F. Machado / Silvio Mazzei · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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