God Of The Sea


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Oh its sucha strange thing when an oceans tale is told
A thing of beauty and wonder, but anger it beholds
Men have taken their ships with them to the other side
A storm cloud surely tumbles out of view, but still
We ride!

40 knots, still no man in sight
We're not giving up wont be sunk without a fight
Watch the waves cast an evil spell
The sky is grey and breaking, sucha different kind of hell
But still we rebel
But can we rebel

Cold wind blows, salty seas rise
The God of Seas has fire in his eyes
Stars won't shine, through a sick sky
Sing your final song before you die

Krakken calls, sorrows fade away
The deepest grave is calling, no we will not die today!
Precious air, from our lungs she ran
Won't you take a seat, come and watch the fall of man
The falling of man
The falling man


Now keep in mind, sailors are never free from our
Own tides of love, deception despair and now
Maybe youll find, its not so bad if we
Defy up above, now raise a drink for the damned


Close your eyes, shed your last tear
And watch your final remnants disappear
Seal your fate, soul reborn
And Wash away inside a perfect storm