Cruel faceless crowd
Want to see new victims
Bloody entertainment
Is a present from the king
Royal hunt for witches
Bring them to the flame
Sightseeing with death
End of suffer in next breath
Smell of burned body
Can't hide reason why
This man was punished
And burned in front the sky
New victim prepared for sacrifice
By merciless servants of idols

Again they hide the true in the dungeons of churches
And I hide myself when they see how I pray
But they cant take my mind they say that I blasphemer
I know that I will be new victim in line
I know this moment will be soon
When flame will lick my mortal body
But how they kill eternal freedom of the mind
I will reborn in endless circle of life
Was sawed the weak
And for that was killed another one
And there no sin
Cause gold flowing in
My body still agonize
But with smile I dieing
Fire cant enslave me
I always will be free
Flame melting me into ash
Last scream falls into night
Like taste of freedom I whirl in air
One more sun bind will sawed

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