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Will I close my eyes
Will I hold my breath
Will I wanna cry
Will our souls connect
I've been thinking about it
When I go to bed
At night I wonder, wonder
Will you hold my hand
Will you speak of love
Will the stars be shining in the sky above
Will it be all I've been dreamin of for so long, holding on

Our first kiss won't be the last
Our love's to deep to end that fast
And good things come to those who have to wait
I believe it's only time that keeps us from the thing divine
And when it's here ya know i'm gonna say, lay it on my lips

Will it taste like candy
Will it be that sweet
Will our hearts be racing to a heavenly beat
Will the moment sweep me off my feet
And draw me under, under
Will I tremble tremble when i beg for more
Will it be like anything i never felt before
Will we be down for a little more
One thing I, I know for sure...


I can picture it all
Inside my head
Just how it's going to be
But a girl can only dream so much
Now she wants to make it real

CHORUS (fade out)

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