I try to keep my eyes open forever
But the unknow invades me
This is blacker than before kiss me deadly!

I can see my eyes crying your blood
More and more the strenght, leave me alone.
Everything's so unreal everyone come catch the deal
Their mind are on the goal
Suffocating life of the fuck!
I don't want to destroy your life, but my time is closer now
Please say you never loved me!

Embrace my agony with the death
I don't want to be here anymore, let my body explode.
Hit me with a nail cover my blood with the cold
Bury it across my throath
Release me from this agony, from here.
The dark lord is praying for my soul
My solution is in your own

Ripp off my flesh like your sodomy
Exterminate my agony.
I don't want be here anymore
I will never come back to this place call home
No! open the door!
Everything is turning black exterminate my life
Show no mercy!
No mercy for blade!

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