[1st verse:]
Mary Green, seventeen
Mother's only child
Mother's cross just because
Mary's running wild
Sits and spoons afternoons
With the boy next door
Mother cries "You mustn't do it"
And Mary starts to roar

I'm gonna do it if I like it - and I like it
I'll let him hold me tho' you scold me when I'm through

I hate to make Mother and Dad so terribly mad
But there are times when it's good to be bad

I'm gonna hold hands if I like it - and I like it
A little squeezing is so pleasing when you're blue

And since the boy next door first realized
I'd let him kiss me, well, you'd be surprised
I'm gonna do it if I like it
And I do

[2nd verse:]
Mary's beau worries so
More and more each day
Mary flirts and it hurts
More than he can say
She enjoys vamping boys
With her roguish eyes
When her beau says, "Please, don't do it"
She looks at him and cries

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