Foto do artista Irving Berlin

Nobody Knows (And Nobody Seems To Care)

Irving Berlin

[1st verse:]
I'm sad and lonely
There's a good reason why
Nobody cares about me
That's why I'm sad as can be
I long for someone
Somebody, yes indeed
Lovin' kisses from one
Is exactly what I need

Many's the time I feel so lonesome
But nobody knows
And nobody cares

I've grown so tired of being by my "own-some"
I want somebody to hug
Cuddle and snug as comfy as a bug in a rug

Many's the time I feel like spooning
But nobody knows
And nobody cares

I guess I'll make out a little "ad"
That I want some lovin' so bad
'Cause nobody knows
And nobody seems to care

[2nd verse:]
I'd love a sweetie
Hanging around the place
Someone to worry about
I'd never want to go out
My home is gloomy
Nobody's there that's why
I feel "bride-and-groom-y"
Can't you see it in my eye

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