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The Mookster

Ja Rule

the mookster, the mookster, everybody luvs the mookster, she pretty she fly, she knows all the cute guys, she looks funny when she crys.

[verse 1]
Why is every one askn who i am?
U don't know betta ask around?
I'm never slippn' never trippn' never messn' up.
When u see me on the street juss say wasup?
You act like me talk like me but guess wha u ain't me never gonna be me.
Don't ask why u know, when u see u see me in the drop top or the E-lade don be A-fraid juss don act like me and say hey to my pops Timmy don't ask if u can ride wimme juss seen' me u'll be enough.
Don't piss me off or do summ thin stupid ta make u call ur bluff.
I aint tha chick that takes alot of shit.
U betta watch out for me...don't holla at me ...when your ridn' your bikey say hey to my brother Mikey cuz he's rockn' to da beat kinda off but never stoppn',hoppn' hope ya like his shi.... cuz he'll mess ur's up don't mess wit da H-O-O-D-S

[chourus 2x]
The mookester the mookster everyone loves the mookster

Now I'm threw messn' wit u don't call
try ta ball wit me or sport Reeboks wit me.
Can't nobody compare wit me now ya see ya juss a D.A not District Attorny the otha one u trip.
Don ask, try ta pass
go fast cuz i'll slow ya down
make ya frown now ya don't wanna see whats gon' down
so get the hell on and make and make yo ass get the scrub on.

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