It was easy for me
Up so high in my tree
Living off of wonderland
Living with an unknown band
Waiting there for everyman

There was change in the air
It was love everywhere
Living off of wonderland
Ankle deep in contraband
Working on a life unplanned

Didn't we believe in love?
Didn't we believe in giving it away?
That didn't really leave us with the love
To find our way after RFK, Martin Luther king

Do you feel it today?
Love is still on the way
Coming over wonderland
The world is in your open hand
Once again it's at your command

Didn't we believe in love?
Didn't we believe that love would carry on?
Wouldn't we receive enough?
If we could just believe in one another
As much as we believed in John

Living off of wonderland
Coming over wonderland

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