This what Daniel sends me when he meditates
A wizard's always early, man I'm never late
I like rainbows, wear the same clothes
Man you chill with Momo man I set em straight
I always excavate, yeah
I'm in the escalade
Follow me up on my escapades, yeah
So tribal, flow is so vital
Talk to God on my own, bro, with no Bible
This beat fat, no lipo
What you got the knife for?
Cuz I'm phyco
What you think I try to spend the night for?
Playing Tycho with my eyes closed
Walkin tightrope
I'm just tryna spit some lyrics that are more insightful
But you just called me bipo (I'm not)
And yeah that stands for bipolar
I'm thinking bout some solar panels but just wait til' I'm older homie
You know I handle it and you can screw a diploma homie
You stop learning when you graduate
I'mma be 40 doing magic tryna activate my merkaba
And now I'm thinking bro I'm glad you hate
Cuz you ain't got no passion
Stop and listen to this passionate

Meanwhile Kylie's still sipping that Aspartame
Bro, I didn't ask for fame
I'm tryna pass my classic name
I don't really care about the cash and bro you fashion hate
The MSFTS are the future be ambassadors of acting great

Damn J
That sounded like a... a inter-dimensional tesseract man
Thats's kinda crazy dude
Oh man MSFTS is..
Sounds like a... proton particle or something
I don't even know

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Composição: Daniel D'artiste / Jaden Smith · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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