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Oooh oooh oooh yeah (What a lady)
(Gotta make her mine) oooooooooooooh, weeeeeeeellll, aw
shawty, babe, listen gal,

[Verse 1:]
She was standin on 125th waitin on the 6th one hand on her hip puffin on a spliff post up on the block like the baddest chick so I asked her one question like (wait a minute who you wit) I'm in the fliest whip, rims spinnin i'm sick I pulled over on the curve had to represent hey gurl its not safe your out here walking alone hop yo pretty face in I'll take you home

Shawty what's your name I'm in love wit this stance (what's your name) you got me wide open I'm feelin ya game I know that other cats might tell ya the same I'm not ya average guy kinda far from a lame sip the LQ cop whateva u drink and u can get open in the back of the range we'll hit the hotel I got the penthouse sweet (this won't be the last time I promise I'ma holla again)

She got legs like whoa couldn't keep that on the low the gurl was street blazin' from head to toe (Jah u gotta be careful she might be under age) gurl let's see some ID no u won't get me as a fact put down I'ma about to fall back I can easily replace you (I'm not tryna get locked up) she says she's ridin shot gun her licenses is 20 plus bring your pretty face on let's get it on


Baby Come inside mami close the door take off all your clothes (tell me what u waitin for)let me rub your back and your stomach too stretch your toes turn around love I got you did I run you yet I'ma rough neck damn you done bet I promise I'ma make u sweat would you mind if I wanna squeeze u tease you I just wanna please you

[Chorus: Till song fades out]

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Composição: Eric Williams / Jaheim Hoagland / Larry Roberts / Melvin Lewis / Sylvia Robinson. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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