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Supernatural Revolution

Jake Hamilton

I take your presence, your glory to the street
Laying hands on perfect strangers that i meet
I carry freedom, unashamed and unafraid
It's not by works but by your blood the price was paid

I feel a wave of glory here that can't be stopped

(it's a)
Supernatural revolution
Your kingdom come is your solution
Heal the sick
Bring freedom
I was born to raise the dead
This is what you said
(it's a)
Supernatural revolution
Your voice cuts through the noise pollution
I hear you calling loud and clear to live and love like you
You're doing something new

What good is love if you don't give that love away
I set you first i look to you each and every day
You are the standard, you are jealous, and i belive
You have called me to be holy i can't retreat

There's a violence in my love that can't stopped

I can see a reformation, i can hear it blowing on the wind
I can see a reformation that will never end
And it's marked by love and love alone