You're old enough to know well, that better things are all
Bitter Songs are never sung, in the highlands were you belong.
In the smoke of cannons below, men they bury each other in rows,
People come, people go, work in numbers and leave alone.

(Chorus 1):

There's a light,
Makin' it's way,
On up the Mountain,
Night and day.
You'll get tired,
You'll get weak,
But you won't abandon,
Your masterpiece.

(Verse II):

Off to sleep you'll go, through the halls and opened doors
Silver bells swinging low, strung in branches of the unknown
Soon morning comes, to warm the world and wake you up
Night is gone awful fast, it ain't wrong to be sad.

(Chorus II):

There's a light,
Makin' it's way,
On up the mountain,
Night and day.
You'll go down,
You'll go deep,
But you won't surrender,
Your master piece.


Here it comes and there it goes the unbearable sound of the earth
making men out of boys
First you learn then you'll teach about the bright bright light

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