Sometimes we feel so afraid
Sometimes we feel so lonely
Sometimes we feel confused
Sometimes we feel so helpless
And we don't know what to do

(it's) so hard to believe it
if we never heard it
the voice of our father said our name

You're not alone
You're not alone
I'll never leave you
I'll never leave you (2x)
oh Lord...

we're sitting in the middle of the dark at night
sitting on the piano playing right on
Sometime just sing till the seal come
sing it oh...

I'm not alone
I'm not alone
You never leave me
You never leave me (4x)
Oh Lord...

Martin Luther King
one night was sitting at his kitchen table
all by himself
his family had already gone to bed
and all of a sudden he recieves this phonecall
and this man said:
"Martin if you don't stop preaching what you're preaching
we're gonna take the life of your family and we're gonna take your life
we're gonna kill you."
and after he hung up the phone
he said at that table
and he begin just to say:
"Father, I grew up in the church
I've preached your kingdom in justice all over the eath
I've preached your kingdom in justice all over America
And I know you're real
but right now I'm so afraid and I don't think I've ever hurt You
say my name
and I'm here to hear your voice father I need you to say my name"
and he just began to cry
and out the silence he heard the voice of his father for the first time
and it said this:

Never alone Martin
Never alone Martin
I'll never leave you (3x)
I'll never leave you

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Composição: Jason Upton. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
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