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It’s you and I you
And I you and I
Let’s get lifted
And meet in the sky
Fuck a keyboard
Oh girl you’re my type
Let’s shoot a movie all night
Cruising in the drop top

Girl show me your tatas
We some kungfu masters
Kicking it kicking it
Hotter than sriracha
Fancy like a lobster
Soju fully stocked up
Sipping it sipping it
Look at the team we shining
Ben baller did the chain
They call me king your hinus
Don't fuck up my fung si

Baby girl lets run a way
Bali jeju in a day
Lord please just keep us safe
Board the plane
Taking off we taking off
Taking off
These haters hating
We shake it off shake it off
We breaking bread break it off
Break it off
We popping tags
We don't care the cost
Fucking shit up leaving a trail
Open your eyes you'll find it
H1ghr the gang aomg
Yeah it’s the perfect timing
Shit about to blow
Bout to hit the fan
Seattle 2 seoul
Yeah I'm feeling like the man