Don't Treat Me Badly


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You're so captivating
keeps ya fascinating
I'm not contemplating
I just can't help going crazy
so you're allowed to follow me boy
stayin' undercover
while you are my lover
an' we will discover
that my mind is goin' dirty
indeed my thoughts won't stay uncovered

Don't treat my badly
an' I will be all right
I tell you frankly
you gotta turn me on
don't treat me badly
an' this could be your night
if you ain't faulty I will treat you like you want it ev'ry day

I am playful baby
I can be your lady
I can get you to see
that our loving's gettin' better
when we just try to stay in practice
I can see right through you
so you can't make me blue
gotta act like I do
an' you'll feel the consequences
of what can be when you're inactive