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Mood Swing Whiskey

Jeff Buckley

Mood swing whiskey
drank it all in the morning
waiting for the dark to move in
sitting in my step-sister's kitchen
horseflies on the window sill
eyes trained on the lemon king
and wishing it were a gun

i'm thinking of our wedding rings
trapped inside the heater
spring water on the floor of this
sex starved room

the nightmare's fires burn
the waves of bliss
i tried to stop it with my hand
i was lost in the kiss
with you

mood swing whiskey
your bliss, the actress,
bliss, the assassin
bliss, the abyss

did a crazy shot of whiskey
in about zero to sixty
all i could see was the beer

i face the future with a drink in my right
eyes to the sparkling gloom
body naked, afraid, and amazed

say boost me up to your junkyard paradise
boost me up to your junkyard paradise
with a sweet-ass photo of you

she cheated, and she lied, and you stole her
stung my tongue just like
sweat from her shoulder

ooh, mood swing whiskey
your love, the destroyer
love, the destroyer
love, love...

yes mood swing whiskey has my brain
only you can break this chain
are you here in my bed again
can you hear my love again (x4)

run down the subway station babe
i'm packing my rod
all and present histories erased
i am a punishing god
mood swing whiskey
yeah the leaves are made of
messy things again

and i said this is all the headless acrobats
faces crushed in the circus dust
all for the law of gravity
and the price of admission

beautiful loser warm hearts have let you down
beautiful loser warm hearts have left you
'cause you're beautiful...

i think of mankind in quotation marks
ever since i took a drink from you

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