I wrote the books
I made the rules
Sang the songs
About love, or lack there of
Paint a picture
In your imagination
Made ya feel the way you do
But lately I've been so uninspired
Past and future I'm so tired of writing your song
Kept away from the now but now she's here
The feelings loud and clear
I think I'm in love

Oh Vienna, Oh Vienna
Why you have to be so far away
Why you have to make me feel this way
It's been so hard on me
Here in Vienna
Can we make it work or leave it be?
Never thought that I'd find love
In Vienna

See I've never been a fan of long distance relationships
Mainly cuz some people say it just won't work out
But baby let's break the myth, proving that we're strong enough
Cuz this just can't be summer love,
See I've had enough
Of playin the same ol game
Nothing ever seems to change
But with you I feel something brand new
Can we take a chance on this
Or just cherish the days that we have left
What do we do? baby What do we do?


Tell me would you take a chance with me
A chance on love... see I fell in love
I fell in love
In Vienna...

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