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Nothing To Hold Me

Jesus Jones

i changed my name and you changed your mind
the only thing you left was me
behind to try and talk so bitter you make me feel so small
driving so fast, alive behind a dead wall
is it all so much art that keeps us apart (??)
the fine line goes, contradiction is star (??)
a case of the face in the place that doesn't fit
which way to turn, why don't you just stop it
i hope my feet stay on the ground (yeow stop it now) (??)
with nothing around to hold me, to hold me, (now!) to hold me
now something just went wrong inside of my head
all the things that i've done and i've said
disappear 'cause these things don't keep
when you wake one day and find you won't go back to sleep
so don't tell me what is right and what is wrong
it's no good i've stood listening for too long
you don't understand what it means, what it's about
you can pay another day so shut up and drink up and get out
all of the things i say now (now!)
sound to me like someone wrote them for me
cheap greeting cards, hollywood films
lent to me a language no-one really uses
or do they? do they? do they?
i always leave, never stay
making promises for someday
someday hasn't yet come and you know
you're not the only one to wonder
when we'll ever meet again, again, again...

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