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I Typed For Miles

Jets To Brazil

I live in a hotel i must keep writing
if i'm to be better than everyone else
like figure skating
like asphyxiating
on your own seeping fumes
you're just waiting
living in a hotel but i'm not travelling
between two points, in mid-air, i'm levitating above the earthbeneath the sky
eyes like static
in my three feet
from bed to wall
there sleeps a genius
leave me here to my devices
the call could come at any time
they're playing love songs on the radio tonight
i can't relate to that right now
note to self: noone cares. your voice is average
in worried piles i typed for miles and noone noticed
i will begin
i will put right
this morning terror
i have been kissed
between the ears
by human error
leave me here to my devices
i need a word to change my life
i've tied my ankles to the table legs with wire
he can't write so much as type
leave me here to my devices
i can't think with all this noise
they're playing love songs on your radio tonight
i don't get those songs on mine
you keep fucking up my life

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