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sun invaded this morning
as i cultured a pearl in my head
hope i can lift my arms know i can't raise my head
the silence is silenced so sweetly
as i rise with my dug-out in hand
and after your courthouse defeats me
know i've got to get high with my band
hope i can make it just one more day
been three long weeks since my lips touched your face
if i'm not willing have i lost the game
if i cannot run the race
i'll just wait for another day another day (x4)
feel like i've had enough of what you've said
and i won't bother the rock that you're under
got freedom for myself for
another day (x4)
another day (x4)
another day i'm happy to see
another day
i might as well just be me on another day
another day without

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Composição: Jimmie\'s Chicken Shack / Jimmy Haha. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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