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Fill In The Blank

Jimmie's Chicken Shack

Ou could love this
it's just a little word
you take it out on occasion when it's necessary
we could believe this and lead our hearts astray
stilnd there are some that say
it doesn't matter anyway
so stay down if you fall
or find it so unnecessary
to think big or walk tall
you understand me but to the contrary

we could annul this
such a dirty world
you leave me now
for an invasion that's more than temporary
if we could live here and play the part today
still there'd be some who'd say
nothing matters anyway

so stay down if you fall
i find it so unnecessary
to think thin and talk small
true understanding never seemed to carry
another blow to the head
we could learn to play dead
and fill in the blank

we could achieve bliss if we start today
or we could play dead and learn to take it instead
another blow to the head

and you can fill in the blank
i find it so unnecessary to fill in the blank
the answer's always temporary
fill in the blank
up close, beauty is far from scary
can't fill in the blank

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