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Christmas Songs

Jimmy Fallon

To Creed's "Arms Wide Open"
Well I opened my gift today,
To see which ones I can exchange
So I call K-Mart and begin to say
Tell the store I'm on my way
Are you still open?
It's just past midnight
Wanted a TV dish, not a singing fish
Please be open

To David Gray's "Babylon"
Friday night the office threw a Christmas party,
They invited me
I started eating rum balls,
It was the only food I had that night to eat
Chugged egg nog, Xeroxed my ass, peed on the couch
Kissed the boss's wife, threw up on myself, and got thrown out
Party on
Got my Christmas party on

To U2's "Beautiful Day"
I got cookies out,
Hung stockings by the tree
Left the front door open,
'Cause I don't have a chimney
I can't get to sleep
Drank hot milk,
Need something stronger
To calm me down,
I can't wait much longer
Christmas Day
I hope I get Playstation
Give me Pokemon and other things
Flood me with compact discs and diamond rings
Christmas day
Santa's on his was
Christmas day
Here's what I say
Christmas day
And I love Tina Fey
Christmas day
Toys are on it's way

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