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Come Get to This


Girl you've been gone away a real long time
I nearly went out of my mind
Waiting on you
Ah I miss your loving when you left me baby you did it

Ah baby come here let me caress you
Ah ah baby your letters ah told me what you miss
Come me sugar and get to this
Ah baby I want you here
I wanna do something freaky to you
I wanna feel what I've felt a long
Ah come baby get to this

Who remember baby
How you make me feel just like a king
Ah I can't wait baby
I'm ready to you to start doing the things
Trying blow you mind
You're so fine so petite oh candy sweet
Ah I can't wait baby
Come me sugar and get to this whoo

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Sweet love sweet love oh it's so good
Thats a fact everything else would have to get back
Oh nothings changed
You're still sweet as the morning rain
And I'm waiting ready to
Love you babe make it good to you

Oh I need your love
Don't make me wait I can't wait
Oh I'm so impatient for your love
Come me sexy sugar and get to this whoo

Girl I know you've been gone away a long time
You nearly blew my mind baby
Girl you've been gone for so long
I'm so glad baby glad that you home
Ohhh baby

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