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Are You Still Down?

John B.

(tupac) Jon B

(jon B) ohh babbbyy

(tupac) bring it on now, let em feel where you coming from

(jon B) ooohh ohhhh

(tupac) only the ladies, only the ladies

(jon B) [[[[{{{CHORUS}}}]]]]
girl its allright, baby,
cos its there in your eyes...yeaaaaahhh
i can see that you want me
by the way that you smile

(tupac) are you still down for me?

(jon B) left once again at home,
another night on your own,
aint no fun in loving if your loving alone...
how does it feel to be useless, allright
can you recall how close we used to be then?
can you still remember those feelings again?
it seems like everytime i see you theres a tear in your eyes
time to make some decision or go dying inside

(tupac) tell em all call me a fool but im stuck
its a love thing,
plus im overheatin from the rush
our tongues touch
kissing, feelin fine, wont you watch the sky?
ill make you smile but youd rather have what makes you cry
say goodbye and i leave now
with my heart on my sleave memories now
what i found is you still care
you had feelins and they still there
baby girl keep it real here
are you still down?

(jon B) repeat CHORUS
((with adlibs by tupac))

(tupac) are yous till down for me?

(jon B) remember that evenin?
i knew that you were too scared to go all the way
but you did it to please me
crying it was raining when u gave it to me
the more i see you the more that i feel inside
and i know one day ill make it back to where you can fly
watch time go
dont cryyyy tomorrow brings better days
let me dry your eyes
take your burning awaaayyyy

(tupac) only once in a lifetime touch my soul
go slow baby boo dont rush the flow
got me all weak baby but im strong in parts
dont bounce to the ounce with the longest parts
gimme mine like a fine wine measured in time
baby the other brothas loved you but the pleasure was mine
momma told me how to love a woman properly sprung
we commited
so i hit it
and its properly done
are you still down?

(Jon B) repeat CHORUS
((with adlibs by tupac)

(tupac) are you still down for me?

(Jon B) repeat CHORUS
((with adlibs by tupac)

(tupac) are you still down for me?

(tupac) baby are you still down?
are you down for me?
baby are you down for me?...... (((REPEAT TIL FADE)))

(Jon B) i wana lay your body down right here
where you belong
baby On and On and On and On.......

(tupac) Still down for me??

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