This is what Love is

John Elefante

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Endless days and long hard journeys
Mending hearts forever yearning
This is what love is
This is what love is
Healing blind men by his touch
Knowing that he cares so much
This is what love is
this is what love is
And teaching us to love eachother
as we love ourselves
And laying down our lives for someone else

And even when we fall
he loves us through it all
His gentle guiding hand
keeps understanding
He knows the tears we cry
he knows our hearts may lie
For us again, he'd die
That's what love is

Suffering the world's rejection
sacrifice and resurrection
This is what love is
this is what love is
And in this world we live in
there are no guarantees
But there's one thing I'm sure of
He died and rose for me
His love has surely stood the test of time

He came and gave his life so we would know
He is what love is
Now I know what love is

He would do it all again
He would die for us again
Cause that's what love is

Composição: Dino Elefante / John Elefante · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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