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John Frusciante

Are we
Down for the same cause
We don't know what we stand for
When the moments start to crack
You do lose track where your head's at
And I am unreachable
What do you think when your head's full?
We don't rely on what we get
We begin now where we aren't yet

One time, hit me when I turn white
I don't mean to be polite
Uniform, spinning the world to the beat of my drum

Reach into the darkness for what you can find
Travel great distance in your mind
The world gets stronger as you start trying things
Turn around towards being born away from dying

I've run out again this, there's no one on my side
We to disappear, well, I know I tried
You know we tried, you know we tried
Hey, shoot me, hey
Hey, shoot me, shoot me, shoot me yeah yeah yeah hey hey yeah

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