Foto do artista John Petrucci

Love In a Yielded Heart

John Petrucci

Well, you say you want freedom
There ain't nothing you wouldn't do
Well, you're reaching, but not looking
'Cause the Truth is right in front of you
You can't win it
You can't smoke it
You can't chant till the morning to make it

Oh, love in a yielded heart
Is the only way you can feel it

Well, Bob Dylan he can't free you
And John Lennon can't see what's inside of you
And Alice Cooper can just freak you
He can't show you the way or lead you

The Spirit in a yielded heart
Is the only thing that can lead you
To love, sweet love

Well, it says right there in God's Holy Book
That you'll keep on seeing and hearing
But your eyes will close and your minds will dull
And your ears will refuse to listen

But Jesus, sweet Jesus, sweet Jesus
He freed me... and He can free you, too
With love, sweet love, Holy love, sweet love, love

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