Listen for a while.
We are young,
Waking all the time.
Growing as we do,
See the truth we lose,
How we soon forget
This love.
Tell me if you can.
Who is right,
A woman or a man ?
How we grow the same. (to see who doesn't cry) [??? (see the dancing love) ???]
Together we create. (the circles round my heart )
Sing, all the world is in (a girl for every boy)
Our eyes. (Genevive)
Genevieve. (Genevive)
Flying to the sky, (flying to the sky)
Holding me this way, (gliding through the sky)
This magic that I feel (magic that is in your eyes)
For you.
The strongest love of all
Is when we're one
Whenever we're alone.
There's nothing like our love (everybody knows)
That fills this empty space. (the children of the world)
Just let me hear you say (everyday begins love)
It's true.
The way you think of love (show how to believe)
Is in my heart of love. (in this make believe)
This love for everyone, (make each day begin with love)
Genevieve. (love love love....)
Everybody knows.
For the children of the world.
Every day begins
With loving...

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