Demande-moi de tout changer,
Car dans mon coeur, l'air que je respire
Attise la flamme de mon dÊsir,
Rien que ton nom me met en feu.

I need to know if I'm secure,
As all my plans call from the dark
And need for light, and I
So young to know my life.

We speak of love,
I never felt as I do with you,
Such as the mood,
My feet don't even touch the ground,
Then all at once
As one and one with love,
I only care.
You 're never far from me.
To be my friend,
All my dreams begin with you,
To be my guide,
Each breathing moment,
I need the spark,
Each singing flame,
I need the soul.
Each whispered sigh,
We've walked the earth,
Each song we sing.
We've climbed the stars
To fly to the sun.

Sweet angel, did I have to see for myself?
Your eyes are my eyes that spin me round
and round.
All love is the colour of the spiritual ground,
We've walked, yes we've walked by his side.
As all is one, so this we are,
Holding the flower, being the star.

You left so young,
Tu es douceur...
I am alone
L'amour c 'est toi...
But here you'll stay,
Ma vie c'est toi...
Not near, not far.
Mon ×me c'est toi...
You've been my life,
Mon coeur c'est toi...
Tonight I'm yours
For evermore.
A tout jamais!...

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