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exibições de letras 2.109

Shorty (Got Her Eyes On Me)

Donell Jones

Ooooohhhh, Ooooohhh, Ooohhhh
Yeah, yeah, yeaaaahhhh
Oooooooooo, Ooooooo, yeah, listen baby

Verse 1

Up in the place I see you gettin' down,
Can't help but look at ya,
Gotta crowd around ya.
Well your the baddest thing I've seen tonight so come
on girl let's put it in flight.
I got the V-1-2, 6-0-0 sittin outside of the door so bring iton
By the way your body's blazeful, and that's a little something
that a nigga craves for yeah


It's a quarter past three girl what's it gon be
Shorty got her eyes on me
We been talkin since two girl whatcha gon do
Tell 'em that you're ridin with me

It's a quarter past three girl what's in gon be
Shorty got her eyes on me
You've been frontin' since two girl what you gon do
I'll be chillin at the Embassy, what?

Verse 2

While watching you move I start to fantasize about the way
I'm gonna put it on that ass tonight
So come on and ride shot gun
I got the bubbles if you like it we can pop some
I see me and you flossing in my coupe
Maybe we can peel back the roof and get it on
Did I say you're body's blazeful?
I like that little thing around your navel baby

Repeat chrous

All I know is I'm not leaving here alone yeah
Now you might the baddest in the club to me
But shorty's got it bad and wanna fly wit me tonight
So what you gonna do (What you gonna do).
Is it gonna be me and you?
You gotta stop playing games, Girl you gotta stop fakin moves

Repeat chorus til end

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