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Heart's Ease

Josh Ritter

I'm gonna' find me a black haired babe
I'm gonna' meet me a black haired girl
That smells of smoke and caraway
I'm on my way to find my own heart's ease

The high up country is the place where I
Have always longed to wander wild and free
Among the slender and the peace of mind
Grow mountain sides of my own heart's ease

I've been with beauties I've been with some
That even speaking of them would be like
Using the moonlight to describe the sun
The fairest one is my own heart's ease

I've crossed the deserts and I've crested swells
The unknown country and the far flung isles
The shores of far away and fare-the-well
There's nowhere else like my own heart's ease

So gather 'round me all you bright young blades
And this little lesson take by me:
Go seek adventure, gold, and fame but may
Each of you one day find your own heart's ease

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