Josie and the pussycats
long tails and ears for hats
guitars and marshall stacks
hot, sweet, super cool
don't cha know these kitties rule

hurry, hurry
we've been goin' over the master plan
drivin' in our custom painted van
practicing for hours
don't ya know that
soon no matter where you go
we'll be on your radio

josie and the pussycats
hot licks, we'll give you that
stone foxes, that's a fact
josie and the pussycats

even though we're playin' in our garage
soon we'll have a massive entourage
goin' triple platinum
you'll just watch us
climbin' up the billboard charts
breakin' records, breakin hearts
let's go

josie and the pussycats
long tails and ears for hats
we know just where it's at
east, west, north, or south
guaranteed to rock the house
josie and the pussycats
josie and the pussycats

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