As I put my gun to the head of God
Thoughts of all the things I should have done
Is the mirror of life always what you claim
Are you looking at a cause or a blame
Because in this place you gotta know
Right and wrong are you ideas of the old
Fallen angels rule the city of empty souls
Did you see it when the time was just right
In a lifetime of years too late
The word that longed in your sacred heart
Spray painted on Heaven's gate
You turned to see if I was standing there
I'd face myself if I could only dare
Content is hard but when you giver it up
A little bit more to have to do with luck
To have to say
To take it back and put it away
To come another day
You were stuck in a world of the endless stripe
Shining like the fuse of the sun
It's amazing how some of us get through life
Refusing to be part of the phoneysome
Raining on parades of the pretentious and cold
With the mind of a child and a heart made of gold
I try to be good but when they rattle the cage
our heads are dead so it's all the same
To have to say
We were really happy for once in our lives
To say we have survived
To take our lives by the throat
And to look inside
To ignore is just to lie

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Composição: Joe D. / Joe Doherty / Joey / Joey Lee D · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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