Or do I really see things I’m waiting steady
For you to come to me
Am I just dizzy
Or do I really believe in love

Say that you love me
Say it once again
In my mind I’ve heard it a lot
But you didn’t say it yet

Say that you care for me
Say that I’m on your mind
Ou’re all that I think about
And I can’t figure out why

Never gonna let you go
Never let you get away f
Rom me never gonna let you go
I’ve been living life like I’m in a flight
I’m stuck but my head is flying high
I can’t stay here waisting time

Wondering if you’ll be mine
If you go where I go
If you see what I see
Maybe you’re not ready for the poetry
Maybe you’re not ready for me

Don’t let it fade
Don’t let it go
Don’t let it fade
Don’t let it go

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