We could spend the day
Maybe melt away
On some romantic coast
Out in the tropics
Oh baby, we could disappear
Wintertime is almost here
You'll stay warm
With your hands
Inside my pockets

Nobody says
We've gotta stick around
You've gotta look inside
And find your own way out
Somewhere you'll find
An answer you can use
But if it were me
I'd just be with you

You find it hard to sleep
You fight the dark
And try to keep
Some distant light
To hold it all together
Turning circles
On your Ferris wheel
Aren't you tired
Of climbing that hill?
I could be the rain
Falling in your desert


Oh, baby
We could run away
Search the world
For a better place
But me
I'll always
Wanna stay with you


Oh, if it was me
I'd just be with you

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