I feel a power deep in my chest
It churns and smolders within my breast
Heat-seeking malice, your heroes die
Loathing is my friend, hear my war cry
I am hatred
Recieve the sentence, a fleshly tomb
Buried above ground, now meet your doom

So cold and heartless, my vacant stare
Cruel and twisted, without a care
Like a volcano boiling inside
Ready to explode, hear my war cry
I am hatred
Now all will suffer, hands washed in blood
They hear death calling, I draw my sword

Unforgiving, a perverse devotee
A thousand horrors I bestow unto thee
Trembling in terror, attempting to flee
So gratifying in your bleak misery

Pupils dilate, feel pity no more
Let my wrath be known, no longer ignored
Visions of carnage, corruption and gore
Unleash my contempt on the ones I abhor

Premeditated, your flesh I shred
Violent Vexation, I`m seeing red
These lifeless bodies pumped full of lead
Amidst the bloodshed now all are dead
I am hatred
Beg for forgiveness, human disease
None shall be granted, my mind at ease

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