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Rebel Child


I don't wanna be
Loved by you
If the loving we share
Ain't true
This decision is overdue
Like the ragged lace
On your favourite shoes

Are you getting
My point of view
I'm a Rebel Child
Without a clue
I don't know
Where I'm going to
But I ain't got time
To spend on you

Rebel Child, I'm a Rebel Child
You can't step on me,
Not without a fight
Rebel child, made of fire and ice
And it's all or nothing to me

Did you ever believe in me?
I may be simple
But I ain't dumb - you see?
I don't care if you disagree
You can slam the door
And walk out on me

I rather live in solitude
Than depending on
Your stupid mood
Maybe you ride
A different wave
But I ain't gonna be
Some dickhead's slave!


I've made up my mind,
For tomorrow
I've made up my mind,
For tomorrow, yeah
I swear you won't see me crawl
I don't want your love
If I can't have it all
I swear you won't see me fall
I'd rather quit
If I can't have it all

Rebel Child, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I don't wanna be loved by you
Ain't you feeling the same way to?
This decision is overdue
I'm a Rebel Child
Without a clue

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