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Maybe It's Better This Way

Kai (Band)

Sitting alone
Wondering where the time has gone
We promised forever that we'd be together
But our love has since passed on
And how could you sit there
And tell me that I was unfair
Why can't you try to put your pride aside
And for once show me you care

Baby I sit here
Counting the times you've done me wrong
All the times you lied and brushed me aside
The list goes on and on
And even when I'm trying
To work things out you still blame me
When I paid the price of mistakes done twice
Baby now I see

Maybe it's better this way
Hoping it'll get better
Will just cause more heart-ache
I guess we'll go our separate ways
It's better this way
Hoping it'll get better
Will just cause me more pain
Sometimes two hearts just don't love the same

What do I do
To erase all your doubts
When I try to talk and communicate
In return you shut me out
So why should I bother
Subject my heart to all this pain
Girl we can't go on 'cause you've done me wrong
Let's go our separate ways now Baby


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