Gang Gang (feat. Zerarri)


It's kane and rarri, I just bought bitch bitch I'm whippin' in buggaties
Mama said she need, so I bought a mazaratie
Think this shits a joke, cause my names rhyming with Ferrari
Running through the money, playing games like it's atari
I ain't give a fuck and tay hes tryin' to catch a body
Pull up at the club and I be trying to fuck your shawty
I don't give a fuck, my niggas know we gonna get
If you tru to snitch, we go to court and get aquitted
Hii gang get the money, lil bitch you know we wit it
I just grabbed the choppa, blew his brains out now he missin'
I dont give a fuck you know my niggas on mission
Actin' like we cancer but we put in remission
I just blew his top off
Put a nigga on the map and on a shirt and he ain't coming back dog
Talking like he get it from the dirt
Why dont you check me on my name and what its worth ya

Hii gang baby, yeah, it's all or nothing
Ive been chilling in the club you know my niggas still stuntin
Hii gang baby yeah it's all or nothing
Gang gang lives baby, know that I'm busting

Hiigang all or nothing, gang gang we stuntuin' shout out thintruk
Hi gang baby yeah it's all or nothing, got these diamonds in my teeth
You know my niggas still stunting
In the club got the crowd blowing up and they jumping
Lookin' at that nigga, talking all in and I'm bustin, grab the strap I'll leave a niggas body dead and it's cold now
Fuckin' lost my soul and I just crawled out the hole
Wiped the dirt with chilling out in hell and I'm rollin'
Got a bean and I just, popped and my niggas partoling, on the block
Working with that heavy yeah, sippin' on the wac
Ive been fuckedcup got a 30 check the stock
I've been going dumb, my niggas hit you like the rock
Leave a nigga dead, he tried to cop me like I'm off this
Bitch I'm in my office, ive been smoking gas, I'll put a nigga in his coffin'
Talking bout the Louis and the Gucci that I'm coppin'
Hiigang baby all or nothing and we ain't stoppin, yeah

Hii gang baby, yeah, it's all or nothing
Got the crowd blowing up and they jumpin'
Hiigang baby got the money we all in
Hate the way a nigga get it hiigang we ballin

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