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Beyond This (feat. Drake)

Kanye West

I gotta be honest, i think you know
We're covered in lies, and that's okay
There's somewhere beyond this, i know
But i hope i can find the words to say


Yeah, normally, it ain't a question
We would cross paths like an intersection
But she just too far away for affection
So i pray that we never lose the connection
'cause i remember stacy, she probably hate me
She used to threaten she had a man to replace me
She talked that shit, i just hit the escape key
And then she'd get mad and want to go and erase me
And i remember amy, she used to aim me
She stayed up late, and used to blame me
She say i'm too wild, she wanna tame me
I told her 'even photoshop couldn't change me'
But you-you-you you got me open, girl, why lie?
We ain't even tryin' to settle, so why try?
End the night with a kiss and a bye-bye
No strings attached, your love is so wifi


[kanye west]
My freak girl tell me now she a christian
My white girl wanna move back to michigan
I'm pullin girls off the bench like a "sixth-man"
I'm in the club doin the same ol' two step
While omegas doin the same ol' que step
I had my money on my mind i was thinkin green
She a pledge, aka she was pink and green
I wanna good girl, she want a gentleman
We sayin' the same thing like a synonym
I wasn't really spittin game i was scrimmigin
My pimpinship so hard it needs censorship
I'ma chicagoan till chicago ends
Till we blow like chicago wind
I don't know what's better, gettin laid or gettin paid
I just know i'ma gettin one, the other's gettin away


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