Look at you, crawlin'on the floor
Look at you, cryin'your eyes out
Do you still want to show off now?
Do you still want to pack your bags?
Remember the words from that guy :
"For better or for worse", then try
You got to love me until I die
You got to be always on my side
Chorus :
Forgive me lovin'wife
'Til the end, we're tied
I gashed you to my lasting shame
But realize you're the one to blame
Anything you say happens to make me mad
I'm not such a violent man
Please honey, don't go
Please don't leave me
Don't leave me now
Don't refuse or it'll be the last straw
I'm gonna smack you just for show
Cause I kept myself in a cage
Silently wound up n' filled with rage
I've tried to call you on the phone
Nobody back there nobody home
Do it again and I swear my dear
Dirty blood will pour from your nose
... Once again

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