You came in
To my circle of trust
Arriving late
You could have done better

But it's okay
Contemplating summer
And what could have been
Who knows

But I fear
You took the words from
My drunken heart
And they're vanishing with you
Closing down
Leaking my inactivated mind
Into you

Let's put everything underground now
Your void eyes
How long until you come back around

5 Am
I'm fading
Ghost on the pavement
I celebrate futility within
I am wretched
All colors blur to one

You did well to make me believe
It was a way to survive
To run a scar inside

Ascend now
As your chain of rust has swayed me
Observing dead air
So worn out

You took your gear and hit the trail
I was there by the runway
Above spires and buildings now
You have passed the horizon

In time another star will rise
On the wind comes the message now
You have passed the horizon

Divide like wings

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