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Crazy Chance


Remember once upon a time
i thought that you were mine
remember we said we were meant to be
so different from the rest
i tried to do my best to please you
oh baby how i tried

now you're always half a kiss away
and even when our lips meet
you're always just out of reach
tryin' to tease meplaying with my mind
and though you're bad for my health
i keep on telling myself

i took a crazy chance
crazy chance on your love
i took a crazy chance
crazy chance on your love

now i'm knocking on your door
can't take this anymore
you've got me on a losing streak
it's all been said and done
no use to carry on
can't take it i've got to let you know

if you asked me for another day
if you went on your knees and you begged me please
couldn't stay i know i'd lose my mind
i really must have been blind it's really over this time

repeat chorus

i put my trust on you baby and you let me down
all the time i was with you was on shaky ground girl
whispering it will be alright
like the way you said to me on the day i met you

repeat chorus to fade

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