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Don't try to understand the way i'm feeling now
and don't misread my words cos what i say is how
i see our future baby, no question or no maybe
a change has gotta come some day

the way it was before, can't carry on no more
this one way love affair
i know you don't seem to care, now tell me if i'm wrong
for lovin to be strong you got to

work, just to make it work
you gotta work to make it work
nothing comes so easy, go to
work, just to make it work
you gotta work to make it work
yeh, yeh

i saw it long ago, i realised you'd never show me
the way you feel inside, you'd always chose to hide
we got a future, no question or no maybe
a chance is gonna come right away

i gotta make you see it's the only way to be
no more one way love affair
and now you know i really care
the time has come to pass if love is gonna last


if you could reach an understanding you'd see that it's muchbetter
that livin' out lives on our own
i know it seems old-fashioned, but baby that's no reason
to run away from love
cos there's no-one above you

chorus to fade

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