Toodle - luma luma
Toodle - luma luma
Toodle - oh lay
Any umbrellas, any umbrellas
To mend today?
Bring your parasol, it may be small. It may be big
He will fix them all on what you call a thing-a-ma-jig
Pitter patter patter! Pitter patter patter!
It looks like rain.
Let it pitter patter. Let it pitter patter.
Who cares for rain?
He'll mend your umbrellas, then go on his way
Singing toodle luma luma. Toodle luma luma.
Any umbrellas to mend today.
When there's a lull
And things are dull
He'll sharpen knives for all the wives
In the neighborhood
And he's very good.
He'll darn a sock
Or fix a clock
An apple cart
A broken heart --
He'll mend anything but he'd much rather sing -
Toodle - luma luma
Toodle - luma luma
Any umbrellas - any umbrellas
To mend today?
He'll mend your umbrella
Then go on his way singing
Toodle luma luma
Toodle luma luma
Any umbrellas to mend today

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Composição: James Cavanaugh / Larry Stock / Vincent Rose. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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