You tell me that you love me
That you really care
We've talked it out
We did our best
And still it ain't going nowhere
It feels like our forever
just ended yesterday
And all our tomorrow's
Were simply tossed away
Should I stay, should I go, I don't know
Could it be I've always
Known it all along
And didn't have the courage
To tell you what was wrong
What's the in cryin?
Why should we be sad
Maybe in the long run
It really ain't so sad
Should I stay, should I go, I don't know
Whatever I tell myself
Whatever I do
I can't get a hold on nothing
And I can't break through
Whenever I feel myself
Slipping away
I'm gonna hold on
There's a time to walk away
And a time to learn
A time will come when I'll know
Just when and where to turn
Until we know the answer
Faith is all we have
Our trust is in the moment
Fear is in the past

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