It's midnight on the interstate and I'm flying like a bird
I was talking to a friend of mine, he said
"Have you heard the word?"
"I've got some people comin' by to celebrate the show,
Some of them are new in town and some of them you know"
I've got a local station on, Tejano music playing
I do my best to sing along but I don't know what they're saying
No le puedo entender but you know that it's alright
I'm headed down to San Antone, runnin' with the night
I've never been no daytime guy
Love the neon light
I'm a saxophone, flash of chrome
Runnin' with the night

I lost my job a month ago so I took a small vacation
I went out west to make the best of my lowdown situa-tion
Moved in with my sister you know she works every day
We don't see each other much but I guess it's just that way

I've never been no daytime guy
Love the neon light
I'm a swingin' door, a meteor
Runnin' with the night

I've settled down a time or two and tried the other way
But I don't know what to do with myself all day
The sun goes down you give you love one last long goodnight kiss
Then you stay awake thinkin' 'bout everything you miss
I've never been no daytime guy
Love the neon light
I'm a secret plan, a highwayman
Runnin' with the night

I was born in the wintertime under-neath a purple sky
I packed my things at seventeen and I kissed my folks goodbye
Got no complaints, no regrets, I got no grand de-sign
I'll ride the horse that brought me here
'Till I cross that finish line
I've never been no daytime guy, love the neon light
I'm an amber eye, a coyote's cry
Runnin' with the night
I'm a wall of fire, an angel choir

Runnin' with the
Night with the
Night……. With the
Night…… with the

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